There are so many different ways in which to get in shape, but for me, I have found that waist trainers offer me the type of flexibility and overall look that really motivates me to continue striving for my best body yet. Since I was looking for something to fine-tune my body slowly and over time, I asked a few of my female friends and they suggested that I look into wearing corsets and waist trainers in order to get my body in peak shape before my wedding day. I want to look absolutely perfect before I exchange vows with my fiancé and I have been advised that this is probably one of the best ways out there to gradually re-configure your body and keep the weight off and maintain an hourglass figure.


Why did I consider waist trainers over other means? Well, not only are they gorgeous and make you feel wonderful, but they also keep your body aligned throughout the day and improve your posture and help you breathe that much better. The following are some of the best available on the market that I know will satisfy most women’s tastes.


Kinnaird Ireland Shaper Corset

woman wearing Kinnaird Ireland shaper corset

First of all, one of the best things about this corset is that it is comprised of premium cotton for a truly comfortable fit. This premium corset utilizes steel bones that hug the body and leave you with an hourglass figure that will stop traffic. The fabric feels absolutely amazing, and the stunning satin inside leaves wearers with that smooth finish women all love, and you don’t have to worry about the corset being visible should you decide to wear it under certain dresses. I will say that it may take you a few days to get used to wearing something so form-fitting, but once your body get used to it, you will be glad you do. This corset is handmade for an even better fit, and the details have not been overlooked, so don’t worry about any loose seams.


The fit is stellar, fitting like a glove. If you need to find your true size, simply deduct about 5 inches from your normal fit. The goring technique is present here as well, so you can cinch and not have to worry about any discomfort. Where does the exercise come into play, you may ask? Well, wearing it up to 10 hours a day will gradually get your body acclimated and some women proclaim that they can reduce their waist up to 7 inches over a few weeks to months. The price is on the more expensive side at $200, but it is one of the best available on the market and you are guaranteed to get those curves you crave. But for the ultimate in style and results, accept no substitutes and invest in this waist cincher.


Squeem Waist Trainer

Squeem Women's Perfect Waist curver

For the perfect all-day trainer, the Squeem waist trainer is definitely for those women that stay busy and need a waist cincher that lasts as long as they do. The fabric feels amazing, available in two neutral colors (black and beige), with a rubber exterior that won’t be seen underneath dresses. There is also lining of triple cotton inside so you also don’t have to worry about irritation throughout the day. There is more breathability attached with wearing this trainer and I found that I could wear it for about half a day without any problems. The ‘Intelligent Fabric’ that comes with Squeem means that it molds to your natural curves for the best fit yet. What I particularly like about the Squeem is that your midsection is fully supported – the flexible boning will definitely improve your posture over time and I saw results fairly quickly, allowing you to adjust hooks that increase pressure, and flexible bones for a fit you will absolutely adore.


It’s also quite lightweight, giving you the flexibility to stay active throughout the day and not worry about impacting how tight the waist trainer is. If you are the type that moves around all day and are searching for a waist trainer that works like magic and leaves no discomfort, the Squeem is the perfect recommendation and I am sure you will love it as much as I do.