Easy Centerpieces for a Wedding


Wedding decorations can add up. They can be expensive in no time at all. There are some simple flower centerpieces for weddings that look great without costing a ton of money.
Tropical Feel
To get a tropical look without having to import a large amount of flower there is an easy trick for a centerpiece. Take some large leaves such as ferns and tie them to a vase using a piece of string. This will cover the vase and will give it a tropical feel as well.
Culinary Centerpiece
Line a ceramic baking dish with some floral foam. Poke some holes in the foam and apply fresh cut flowers to these holes. While any flower can be used tulips tend to look good. Twist two branches such as pussy willows together and put them nears the ends of this dish.
These simple wedding centerpieces look great and are easy to make. They will add class to any wedding table